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7 Tips for Decorating Condos in Austin, TX

There are basic principles of design that work with any space, but there are a few design tips that are especially great for condos. One of the best things about many condos here in Austin is that they usually have open-concept areas which helps make more compact spaces feel larger, but when it comes to decorating and designing those spaces, it can be a double-edged sword. We’ve rounded up 7 of our best tips to ensure that you love your condo and all of its spaces. 

1. Larger Pieces of Furniture (But Fewer of Them)

It might sound counterintuitive but using larger pieces of furniture in a smaller or more open-concept space actually makes the space feel larger. One large sofa or sectional is not only more useful seating-wise; it’s also going to make the space feel larger than two small loveseats. 

2. Glass or Lucite Furniture

In smaller or open spaces (and even in larger spaces), it’s important to not visually break up the space too much. Glass or Lucite (fancy name for acrylic) pieces are clear which allows light to filter through and doesn’t break up sight lines. It’s visual trickery that allows form and function to come together and makes this one of our favorite tips for condo decorating. 

3. Use Rugs to Define the Space

An open concept floor plan is one of the most desired qualities in a property, not only in Austin but nationwide. There are many benefits to this floor plan, like easy entertaining, but it’s still important to define the individual spaces. Use separate rugs in the living and dining areas to create individual spaces – it’s a subtle way of expressing what each space is used for.  Another tip – just like furniture, don’t be afraid to use larger rugs to make the space feel bigger. 

4. Larger-Scale Art

Similar to our tips on furniture and rugs, it’s important not to hang art that is too small. Larger art makes the space feel larger and makes a statement.  

5. Display Fewer Decorative Pieces

A house (or condo) is not a home without objets d’art that are meaningful and personal, but we really recommend not overfilling your condo with lots of small items. Edit down the number of items to make sure that the space doesn’t feel too cluttered. 

6. Keep the Color Palette Similar

The last thing you want in a smaller or open concept space is for it to feel too broken up or disjointed. By keeping the walls the same color and using a similar color palette throughout, the space will feel more cohesive and the decor more intentional. Don’t be afraid to use color, but just make sure you don’t have multiple statement walls and that you’re not using a color in only one area.

7. Hang a Mirror

Many condos only have windows on a couple of sides so getting lots natural light can be tricky. To increase the natural light as well as light from light fixtures hang a mirror that will help reflect light throughout the space. More light equals a more airy, spacious feeling. Trust us.

Any other decorating tips you recommend? We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you liked these tips or would like more information on condos in Austin, feel free to download our AUSTIN CONDO GUIDE. If you’d like one of our condo experts to contact you for more personalized help, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you shortly!